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Being An Ally 101: Exploring LGBTQ Topics, Ages 16+ Register View Cart

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Join Amber Leventry for one or more sessions that will break down the stigma and confusion around LGBTQ and gender identity topics. Amber is a nonbinary queer writer, advocate, and parent. They have worked with schools to make curriculum LGBTQ inclusive and affirming and have spoken on panels and taught workshops to help people become better informed allies.

Each session will provide education as well as the chance to ask questions and have candid and respectful conversations.

You can register for the series of workshops, all 4 or you can register for separate sessions.


LGBTQ: What Do All Of Those Letters Mean?

You will learn the meaning of each letter in the rainbow alphabet. Amber will also dig into terms like gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality and how these elements of who we are intersect to make us uniquely perfect. You will also take home an understanding of the importance of supporting healthy gender development in our kids.

Being Transgender
Amber will break down what being transgender means and what it looks like for different people. Amber will also debunk many myths around the subject, specifically in regards to bathrooms, transgender kids, and ways people may choose to transition. You will go home with a greater appreciation for gender identity and what it means when our parts don’t line up with our brains and hearts.

How Do I Talk To Kids About LGBTQ Topics?
Amber will give parents and community members the tools and confidence to talk to kids about what it means to be gay, transgender, and gender nonconforming. You will learn tips on ways to answer kids’ questions, start conversations about sexuality and gender, and foster a love of diversity. Amber will also discuss the significance of accepting and affirming our kids’ LGBTQ identity and the risks of not doing so.

Making Learning Spaces LGBTQ Inclusive
Join Amber for an open discussion on the importance of using inclusive and non-gendered language in classrooms, sports arenas and playing fields, and extracurricular activities. Changing the way we speak to and interact with students is paramount to their learning, their self-esteem, their sense of self, and their safety. Providing more inclusive spaces is valuable for parents and caregivers too; it allows marginalized adults to feel respected and seen. Educators and coaches may be the only resource for parents of queer, transgender, gender nonconforming, and non-binary kids.

Instructor: Amber Leventry
Bio: Amber Leventry is a queer, nonbinary writer and advocate. Their writing appears on The Next Family, Sammiches & Psych Meds, Babble, Ravishly, Longreads, and The Washington Post. They are a staff writer for Scary Mommy. They also run Family Rhetoric by Amber Leventry, a Facebook page devoted to advocating for LGBTQ families one story at a time. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @amberleventry.

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