Williston Recreation & Parks, VT
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Village Community Park - Skate Park

Skate Park

Facility Area Information

250 Library Lane
Williston, VT 05495


The Skate Park is open from April-November (weather dependent). 

Skate park elements are on two thirds of an asphalt area that has access 
to lights, which can be turned on by users from dusk until 9:30pm.

There are no allocated times for certain groups to use the amenities.  We ask that all users share, take turns and play together. 


Facility Hours: Dawn to 9:30pm

  • Use this facility at your own risk.
  • Be responsible – the Skate Park/Ice Rink is not supervised.
  • Only Skate Park or Ice Rink activities are permitted.
  • Safety First:
    • Helmet and other protective gear are highly recommended.
    • Be aware of others and objects to avoid collisions.
    • Avoid and report broken or damaged equipment.
  • No Food, Drinks, Gum or Glass is allowed on the area or elements.
  • No Spitting, Loud Music or Swearing.
  • No Smoking, Alcohol or Drugs.
  • Carry In, Carry Out- Pick up all trash and recyclables and dispose of in proper containers.
  • Be Respectful of others - no fighting or foul language.
  • Be Courteous and Have Fun!


      • The Skate Park Elements are NOT Supervised. Use at your own Risk!  Know your Abilities!
      • Only Permitted on Elements:
        • Skateboards, In-line Skates, Scooters & BMX Freestyle Bikes with covered or No PEGS.
      • Safety First:
        • Protective gear is strongly recommended- Helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, etc.
        • Look before you go! Don’t drop in on others- wait your turn.
        • Inspect and clean surfaces to ensure a safe ride.
        • Do Not use elements when surfaces are wet.
        • Avoid and report broken or damaged equipment.
      • No Motorized Vehicles allowed on surface or elements.
      • No Graffiti, Tagging or Stickers.
      • No Outside Skate Obstacles/Elements or Modifications.
      • Be Respectful of others- no fighting or foul language.
      • Be Courteous and Have Fun!